Malt 麦芽

想象 . 美学


Malt 的中文涵意为麦芽。小麦是最古老的种植物之一,同时也是全球三大谷物之一,在全球范围内为最广泛之人类提供食物保障。而麦芽则蕴意着种子萌芽:想象犹如种子,在人类对未知世界的探索中破土萌芽。

想象来自于人们对未知世界的好奇心。想象就是深度,没有一种精神机能比想象更能自我深化、更深入对象,它是伟大的潜水者。对真实世界的观测与对外部世界的伟大构想推动了人类历史的前行 。

今天比以往任何时候都更需要对潜在明天的伟大想象。现实世界是有界限的,而想象世界无边无界; Malt 志在分享那些改变人类思维、行为模式、公共协同、沟通以及生活方式的伟大构想以及美学践行的成果。

Malt 麦芽隶属于深圳市舒曼文化传播有限公司所有。

Taste Imagination

Malt, an online platform for sharing imagination, aesthetics and creativity, is the crystallization of our years’ observations, researches and sharing across various areas.

The Chinese equivalent word of Malt is “麦芽”, which could also be literally translated as the Bud of Wheat. The connotation is rich: wheat is one of the three major grain crops in the world, and offers food security for vast population globally; bud means the germination of a seed, just like the imagination which sprouts in human beings’ exploration of the unknown.

Imagination is rooted in our curiosity. It is the depth of mind, much like a diver in the unfathomable spiritual world. It is the observations of the real world and the conception of the outside world that pushes the human history forward.

Great imagination of tomorrow is needed nowadays more than ever. The real world has its boundaries, but the imaginary world is unbounded.

Malt aims to share the achievements of aesthetic practices, and the great ideas which could change people’s thought pattern, behavioral model, cooperation, communication and lifestyle.

We are on the way.